Alex Ashley Collaborates with Vashon Guitar Company for March 3 Performance

Courtesy of Vashon Guitar Company

Courtesy of Vashon Guitar Company

Ashley’s March 3 headlining performance at Vashon Center for the Arts will showcase the craftsmanship of Vashon-based guitar dealer, Vashon Guitar Company

(VASHON, WA) -- When the house lights go down in Vashon Island’s premier performing arts space, Vashon Center for the Arts, on Saturday, March 3, it isn’t just Alex Ashley and his band, The Resolve, who will take the stage.  Ashley’s debut headlining performance on the island will also showcase guitars from the Vashon Guitar Company.

“Bob is a great guy, and has sought to fill the need for high quality instruments in the area,” said Ashley of Bob Krinsky, owner of Vashon Guitar Company.  “It will be nice to add to the local flavor of our show by showcasing some local instruments, and promoting local businesses.”

While Ashley is known as a scorching guitarist with a deep interest in the tools of his trade, his personal collection isn’t what it used to be. 

“I was out on the road with the band last year in the Portland, Oregon area,” he said, “and I had every bit of my gear ripped off, including an old Gibson my grandfather gave me that I had lusted over since I was a child.  I’m rebuilding, but I’ve spent a long time without a quality acoustic.”

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