Masterfully weaving the old with the new, Alex Ashley brings fresh eyes and an old soul to the gritty realities of life and love lost.
— Dillon Honcoop, Cascade Radio Group

Alex Ashley is a rate, triple-threat singer, songwriter and instrumentalist.  He creates an electrifying amalgam of profound storytelling, smoky, sultry vocals and razor-sharp guitar playing, and he has often been described as "a young Vince Gill," Jackson Browne and Eric Clapton all contained in one young man with an old soul. 


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His "songwriting takes you inside yourself and then out, impressing the beauty and danger of the complex world we live in, and that the heart is best kept safe through lyrical wanderings" said Zan Agzigian, of 91.1 KPBX Spokane Public Radio.  "A singer-songwriter to watch for, and listen to in these days of ours."

Photograph by Sarah Wettleson


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